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Soba Noodles with Chicken, Broccoli and Peas

We had very little in the house for lunch, and this is what I ended up throwing together. Really couldn’t have been easier, and was really satisfying.

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Roasted Sunchokes with Herbs

Sunchokes were another random farmers market find that I prepared rather simply.

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Sirloin with Lobster Mushroom Sauce

Lobster mushrooms were a random find at the farmer’s market. They worked well in a steak sauce here.

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Roasted Monkfish

I was excited to see monkfish at my favorite fish market this week – it’s one of those fishes I really like but never see in the store. I prepared this as part of a special “surf and turf” dinner, along with sirloin in mushroom sauce (recipe to follow), roasted sunchokes (recipe to follow) and some vinaigrette-tossed spinach.  Continue reading

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Hainese Chicken Rice

This dish has been on my to-make list for YEARS and I finally bit the bullet (I don’t remember if this is the recipe version I originally wanted to make, but it worked great). A little overly ambitious for a Monday night, but very delicious — and it makes a ton. I was nervous about the skin being too gelatinous but the texture actually worked fine in this preparation.

Note: In lieu of buying kecap manis, I just reduced some tamari with brown sugar. I did not have the pandan leaves.


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Chicken Meatball Hot Pot with Soba

I wasn’t 100 percent sold on this chicken meatball hot pot recipe (from my Japanese cookbook). But I made it again with soba noodles the next day for lunch and thought they really brought the whole dish together. Be sure to chop the ginger very fine (or use ginger paste) as my meatballs had some little pieces in them.


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Yay for schnitzel! John and I were really into this dish. Not all that different from when I make milanese, but the slight changes were enough to make it feel unique. We used half veal, half pork for price reasons.


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