2015 Cookie Roundup

We ended up with a dozen different types of cookies this year, because we are crazy people. Linking to most of these out of laziness.


Momofuku’s Corn Cookies (NEW!)
Ina’s Palmiers
Oreo Balls (I do not coat mine)
M&M bars
Thyme Sea Salt Cookies
Green Tea Cookies (NEW!)
Cornmeal Thumbprints (recipe is for cherry; I did raspberry) (NEW!)
Pine Nut, Orange and Chocolate Drop Cookies (NEW!)
Bourbon Biscuits (NEW!)
Eggnog Bars (NEW!)
Rugelach (different recipe, but I’ve made these before)
John’s classic chocolate chip cookies (the Cook’s Illustrated recipe)

Notes: The corn cookies took a test batch before I changed some stuff and got them right, but ended up being quite easy and delicious once I got a better handle on them (notes: chill longer, make smaller than the recipe says, space out well and make sure to use bread flour). Loved the green tea cookies the most of the new ones; that’s a definite keeper. Wouldn’t make bourbon biscuits again – they were a hassle and made barely any per batch. The eggnog bars were the prettiest and easy to boot, though they weren’t really my thing taste-wise. I think I would give Ina’s rugelach recipe, which I used last year, a slight edge, but both are solid.


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