2016 Kitchen Resolutions

I barely paid attention to my kitchen goals in 2015, though I think this was partly because they were boring. I have some more this year, and I think they’re generally a bit more fun, so hopefully I’ll follow through.

1. The big one: Missy’s Meatball Project. I resolve to make 52 different types of meatballs this year. This has been fun even in the brainstorming phase, so I’m optimistic here.

2. Make dashi. A repeat from at least one previous year that never happened.

3. Make gougeres. I actually did this once in a class last year but wish to replicate at home (partially from watching people make choux dough on British Baking Show).

4. Master the omelet.

5. Break in the new pizza stone.

6. Make something with Asian rice cakes.

7. Make scallion pancakes from scratch.

I may add to these as I think of more.


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