More (Make Ahead) Green Smoothies

Smoothies have become a big part of my breakfast routine again now that I prep a week’s worth ahead of time in the fridge (I use a 1 quart Chinese food plastic container and just throw the contents of the whole thing into the blender with some ice). When I’m starting the day with 2-3 fruit/vegetable servings under my belt, I feel a bit more like a healthy-ish human, even if that’s debatable.

Here are two I’ve been making recently – one is brand new, the other is sort of a best-of-both-worlds recipe from previous smoothies I’ve made. These are especially good for me on weekends when I’m running out the door straight to the gym or yoga.


Pear and ginger smoothie:

1 1/2 cups water (can substitute coconut water or milk of choice)
2 cups spinach, washed and dried
1 ripe pear, seeded and chopped
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed

Blend with 2 ice cubes, about 10-20 seconds. Note: I tend to never sweeten my smoothies because I’m sensitive to sweet, but a little honey here would work fine if you’re inclined.

Pineapple and coconut green smoothie:

1/3 cup light coconut milk 
20 small or 10-15 large green grapes (can sub red but will dull color)
1-2 cups spinach
1 cup pineapple (can sub strawberry but will also dull color, to the point of brownish)
splash or two of apple juice if it’s not blending up right (can sub water)

Blend with 4 ice cubes, about 20-30 seconds. Sometimes I add a touch of basil or ginger to this.


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