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Lion’s Head Meatballs

Reader request meatball! I promised those following the project I’d do at least one people’s choice meatball, and liked this idea from my friend Jamie. I made this recipe from Serious Eats, which was quite good. The meatballs are big (and rather caloric with the pork belly) but the dish itself is pretty filling.


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Thanksgiving 2016

This is a lazy holiday post since I’m so late to the game in putting one up, but here’s what we did for the first Thanksgiving dinner that we’ve hosted in about five years, this time for John’s family (first time!). Just linking to recipes and noting adaptations.


*Spatchcocked Turkey (a small one), did my own gravy, dry-brined┬ábird. Turkey itself was good. This turned out a little overcooked because I didn’t keep a close eye on it, as well as a little salty (would rinse next time).

*Turkey breast on the grill (no specific recipe; indirect heat, herbed butter under skin). Also dry-brined. This was terrific.

*Mashed sweet potatoes

*A straightforward potato and caulflower mash, no recipe

*These roasted mushrooms

*This brussels sprouts salad

*Ina’s squash salad

*Green beans almondine

*Mom’s Meat Stuffing

*A bread stuffing inspired by this recipe

*John’s sausage stuffing (don’t have a recipe for this yet)

For apps, I made pimento cheese dip with pickled vegetables, gougeres (recipes to follow), a cheese plate, and probably something Im forgetting. For drinks, a fall sangria.

And with the leftover turkey:

Turkey Gumbo (based on this recipe)

Turkey Tetrazzini

Turkey Tinga Tacos (loosely based on this recipe)


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Vegetarian Meatballs

Managed to get a vegetarian meatball into the mix. These were lentil and vegetable based. I found them slightly dry, but my friends seemed to like them. Served with a walnut and spinach pesto.

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Giant Meatballs with Ricotta

The final meatballs are here! I made a triple batch (!) of these for our holiday potluck, along with vegetarian meatballs (recipe to come) for our vegetarian friend. They were epic and huge as promised.

  • 31434881040_824e529c1f_q.jpg

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Rosemary Gimlet Punch

This was a festive hit at this year’s holiday potluck! I adapted this from this cocktail recipe, with some changes, to make into a punch. I even made a rosemary ice ring.


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Spanish-Style Chicken with Farro

Huge hit! Glad to have a new one-pot meal to add into the rotation, and glad to know that I really enjoy farro, and it isn’t particularly hard to cook with.

We used about half as many chicken thighs to meet the requested poundage (where is CL finding these tiny chicken thighs?), but beyond that made as is. Definitely include the saffron.


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Winter Vegetable Salad with Roasted Garlic Dressing

I bought beets on a whim and figured I’d pair them with some other winter vegetables and an assertive dressing. Not sure how roasted garlic popped into my head as a component here, but it worked quite well. Beets are such a pain, though – I really only end up buying them once a year at most because I hate cleaning up after them.


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