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Nicoise Salad with Salmon or Tuna

I liked the idea of using salmon in this Cooking Light recipe, but I had tuna frozen so swapped that out. The potatoes are nice here.

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Kare Udon with Katsu

I’ve had this at restaurants before. It’s interesting to me that the general approach for this seems to involve leftover curry.

I improvised this recipe for the most part.


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Nabeyaki Udon

Second udon of the challenge (soon to be followed by the third). This is something I used to order a lot at a restaurant near my old office. I doubled this recipe with some slight adaptations.


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Asian-ish Tomatoes and Cukes

I had tomatoes and cucumbers to use up, so I decided to put a slightly Asian spin on my usual treatment of the veggies to go with our curry. We were surprised by how much we liked the change.


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Pressure Cooker Japanese Curry

Just One Cookbook really hasn’t steered us wrong yet. I really liked the idea of finding a pressure cooker recipe for Japanese curry. This used more curry blocks than I’m used to but it turned out nice and thick (we did have a few pieces of cube not break up as well as they should have). I added cauliflower to this but wouldn’t do it again – it broke up too much to really have a purpose here. We made this in the Instant Pot and then simmered it on the stove while I prepared rice.


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Hot Pot for One

I made this quite awhile back, but noticed I’d never put it on the site when rifling through my database of ideas for the Japanese cooking challenge. Amended! Another one from Just One Cookbook that’s inspired by Midnight Diner. Already having dashi made makes for a very quick meal.


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Grilled Pork Adobo

Portions here were a little skimpy but this was a pork chop marinade we quite liked.

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