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Lighter Bread Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce

This Cooking Light recipe made for a nice birthday dessert for a friend of mine who loves the stuff. We garnished with whipped cream which is not part of the recipe.

You can toast the bread, make the sauce, and make the custard ahead if you like (I did) but don’t soak the bread too early.


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Candied Japanese Sweet Potatoes

I tried this out as a potential Thanskgiving recipe. I don’t think it’s happening for this, but these were interesting. It was my first time using Japanese sweet potatoes (found at the farmers market) which were a little starchier than I expected.


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Matsutake Sukiyaki

Yum! What a fun new Japanese recipe to put into the rotation. And a good use for matsutakes which were again available at the market.


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Beef Pot Roast

Terrific CL recipe! John was over the moon about it. And it went particularly well with some of our friend Amy’s leftover homemade bread.

I used a two-pound bottom roast instead of a three-pound chuck roast and it still worked out great.


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