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Ginger Turmeric Kombucha

John got me this very cool kombucha jar for Christmas. This was my first attempt making it! This is not so much a recipe as a walk through what I did for my first batch. I thought the flavor here was excellent, but the carbonation was quite light.


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Dad’s Barbecue Chicken, Variation 1

Dad made grilled chicken a few different ways growing up. This is the closest one to what I think of as traditional “barbecue” chicken. This turned out quite well, but note that my dad’s instructions for this are pretty vague, so there was some improvising here.


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Black and White Cookies

John and I both love these classic cookies from NY, so I decided to make them for Valentine’s Day. I’m not a great baker and these were a little rushed (and it was hard to estimate/shape the cookie properly) but they tasted pretty authentic to me.


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Tandoori Salmon

This is one of my favorite salmon recipes that I’ve made. We served with dal, raita, and a makeshift cilantro chutney.


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Enchiladas Roll Ups

These were ok. I didn’t really miss the tortillas, but I think maybe I wasn’t wowed by the brand of enchilada sauce I used. Served with pinto beans and a Spanish spin on broccoli rice that didn’t turn out that great.


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Tofu and Broccoli Green Curry

A rare vegetarian dinner for us that we both liked. Served with cauliflower rice. Used this recipe with some minor adaptations.


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Grilled Cube Steak

Not one of my favorite family meals growing up. But these turned out all right, and were a good fit for the Frederick family food challenge, since we had them frequently.

25268893657_39a78f05df_q (1)

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