Mom’s French Onion Short Ribs

Another Frederick family meal that I remember Mom taking the crock pot out for regularly. These are simple but have very good flavor. I think I would adapt this to the pressure cooker if I made them again (to try to make sure all the fat got rendered) and potentially serve next-day as I like to do with short ribs (to help better degrease the sauce). But we would totally have them again beyond that.


2-3 pounds short ribs
seasoned salt
2 packets Lipton French Onion Soup
1-2 cups beef broth and/or water
olive oil
salt and pepper

Season ribs with salt and pepper. Season flour with seasoned salt. Coat ribs in flour. Heat oil in pan (or in my case the Instant Pot on sautee function) and brown short ribs on all sides.

Add water and onion soup to slow cooker. Cook at least eight hours on low (using the Instant Pot, medium works as low for me, usually). Degrease sauce before serving.

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