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Welsh Rarebit

I almost didn’t make these for the party because I wasn’t confident in my ability to make them mostly ahead of time. But it wasn’t a problem at all. Just pre-make the sauce, and then spread it on toasts and broil when it’s party time. So good.


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Gyoza-Stuffed Wings

I was excited to attempt these since we had a similar dish at an izakaya in Tokyo. I definitely haven’t mastered deboning wings, but these still tasted good. I used leftover (frozen) filling from the gyoza I made a few weeks ago.


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A successful Japanese recipe on the books! To be fair, I also made negamaki less successfully – since mine fell apart, I’m going to leave this one off the website, but note for Japanese Challenge tracking purposes.

These gyoza were a big hit with my friend Rachel and her two kids, who love dumplings. They aren’t terribly hard, either – just time consuming, especially to wrap. This is from my Japanese Soul Cooking book.


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Homemade Egg Rolls

I finally made egg rolls! I’ve had these bookmarked for something like two years, but the deep frying step has always been kind of daunting. I also cheated and had John roll them while I was working on other stuff. Really delicious! I did not include the pork when I made these because my friend who was coming over is a pescetarian, but they work fine without it.


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Kalua Pig Cabbage Wraps

Kind of had mixed feelings about this pressure cooker recipe on its own – pretty plain. But I thought it worked pretty well in the wraps, so maybe worth revisiting? The meat also held up well for later in the week for tacos, quesadillas, etc. I might steam the cabbage next time before wrapping so it was a bit more pliable.


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Shrimp Toast

These were the surprise hit of my party. I made a pu-pu platter of appetizers including this, rumaki, purchased fried wontons, and kalua pig lettuce wraps (recipe to follow). Everyone was really high on the shrimp toast. It’s a bit of a pain to make but really tasty.

(Note: tried to make the leftover shrimp paste into shrimp “meatballs” but it didn’t really work so I’m not counting it for the project).


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Charred Eggplant Salad

Another Zahav recipe I made for the party. This was great and super easy.

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