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Homemade Bagels, Take 2

John was generous enough to gift me a bagel-making class for Christmas, and it was terrific! I learned how to make bagels two ways: using pre-fermented dough, and using a poolish (a quicker type of starter). I’m going to list both recipes here; I actually have another batch of pre-fermented dough in the fridge right now, and iI’m going to try incorporating it into homemade Italian bread this week.


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Prosciutto Spinach Egg Cups

These were nice to have in the fridge for a convenient breakfast. I subbed in prosciutto for ham.


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Homemade Breakfast Sausage with Sage

I kind of improvised this recipe, but I’ve made it twice now and quite enjoy it. We either serve it as patties or crumbled up with scrambled eggs and a little green chile.


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Recipe Variation: Chorizo Scrambled Eggs

Not so much a recipe as a note that scrambled eggs, sauteed chorizo, and queso fresco make a delicious breakfast combo. I folded in a little Oaxacan cheese as well.


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Mom’s Waffles

We don’t have a waffle maker, so it was a good thing I got to visit Mom and learn how to make these from the source. She uses the recipe on the Bisquick box.

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Salted Salmon

I was very excited to see Serious Eats do a post on Japanese breakfast, which I make very regularly and love. I decided to try their salted salmon. Fun to make, loved the texture, but definitely salty.


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Two New Scrambled Eggs Recipes

I make scrambled eggs more often than not. My go-to technique right now: scramble eggs ahead of time with salt, let set ten minutes before cooking (got this technique from The Food Lab), cook in a little bit of ghee. But I’ve been digging these two add-ins lately: Everything Bagel seasoning and leftover pimento cheese. The former is pictured here with some toast with the same seasoning and cream cheese.



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