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Top Shelf Has Moved

Those who follow my restaurant & retail blog over at WBJ, take note – the blog has been relocated.

The good news – it’s now searchable, no longer impossible to find on our Web site, and doesn’t have the annoying hiccup where you have to join the community network to comment (you still must register, though). The bad – the archives haven’t moved over yet and I’m not sure they will, and my face totally looks stretched on my icon. Oh well.

Check it out when you get a minute!


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Melissa’s Recipe Challenge: Barry Koslow’s Favorite Five

Remember Melissa’s Recipe Challenge? She’s got a new one this week, and I’m up for the task. Check out her entry today, as well as the other participants’, on Counter Intelligence.

This time, the Favorite Five comes from Barry Koslow of Tallula. You’ve got to give him credit for suggesting ingredients that are both in season and pair nicely together. But would I be able to find the most obscure of them?

The ingredients:


spring lamb

fava beans




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Top Shelf Blog!

Those of you who just can’t get enough of Missy blogging should check out Top Shelf, the newly-launched blog companion to my weekly column in the Washington Business Journal. Check it out for DC restaurant (and retail) news, gossip, musings and more!

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Top Shelf: Check It Out

As many of you know, my day job is as a reporter, mostly writing about restaurants, for the Washington Business Journal. I write a weekly column called Top Shelf about comings and goings, trends, and other fun stuff in the restaurant and retail industries. But since most of our print content is only available to subscribers, a lot of people don’t get to see it online.

Now they’re changing that (a little bit) – for one day each week, all readers will be able to view it free, and with video! Figured I’d link to this week’s so you guys could get a peek if you’re interested. The old ones become free online after 3 weeks or so, and soon I’ll have an accompanying blog that WILL be free online. But in the meantime, check it out! And try not to mock my untrained broadcasting abilities too much, hehe.

I’m also doing a separate Twitter account for it: @TopShelfWBJ.

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There’s a coincidence

Just after I gushed over the wonder that is Bacon Mayo, Bittman does the same.

I’m not convinced I’ll have time to make it and enter the contest, but good to know the word is spreading that one thing can save mayo from being disgusting – BACON.

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Rumaki is famous

Remember when I won that recipe contest? I still send stuff in, and though I didn’t win this time around, they linked to my rumaki recipe as one of their favorites this week 🙂

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