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Things to Do with Leftover Prime Rib

Oh hi, readers. Since it’s the holidays, we’re barely eating at home, let alone coming up with new recipes, so this blog has been pretty dark. But I did make an epic prime rib for our annual holiday potluck (recipe to come), and definitely overestimated how much meat we needed to feed 12 people. So we’ve been dining on prime rib for days. Here are some of the things we’ve made.



Prime Rib stock (simmer bone with some leftover meat, celery, onion, salt and pepper for two hours).

Prime Rib bolognese (something similar to this recipe)

Prime Rib ramen (Slice beef thin; marinade in ginger, sesame oil and soy. Sautee for a minute or two, then add your favorite ramen additions and your noodles/broth packet).


Prime Rib tacos (chop up meat, sautee with taco seasoning and some water). Stuff in taco shells with cheese and veggies).

Prime Rib nachos (use the same meat – top tortilla chips with same meat as tacos, cheese, jalapenos and scallions).


Prime Rib Philly cheesesteak sandwiches (cook meat on flat top with onions. Serve on rolls with cheese).

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Well, it finally stopped giving – finishing it off with today’s ramen for lunch.

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Seared Salmon with Papaya Salad

Not so much a recipe as a meal idea. My friend Jamie and I decided to have a healthy Friday night. We went on an hour-long walk and then vegged out watching “Community” and cooking a healthy meal together. I made the salmon – just salt and pepper, seared in a pan with a little olive oil. She made a simple papaya salad dressed in fish sauce, lime juice and garlic. Paired with some strawberries my friend Becky had brought over the night before, it was delicious and satisfying – and actually health



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I made Uncle Dan’s Clam Chowder!

Just a note of excitement that I made John’s Uncle Dan’s famous clam chowder for dinner last night. I’m not sharing the recipe here, as I don’t know how he would feel about it being published online. I also plan to tinker with it a little for my own purposes (some of the measurements given are inexact, so I’m thinking of it as a work in progress as I figure out my own proportions). But if you’d like to hear about the recipe, oh three readers, I’m happy to share in person.

I have a really good memory associated with this soup – we had it on the weekend where I first met John’s extended family. It was one of those perfect summer weekends on the Jersey shore, where we bought fresh clams from a guy catching them outside his Uncle Jim’s house, and everyone contributed some sort of delicious food to the mix. Years later, I told Uncle Dan he should give us the recipe as a wedding gift, and I was really touched when he passed it on at the family funeral we attended last month. We don’t have a lot of passed-down recipes on my side of the family, so that kind of thing is always exciting to me.



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Anna’s Deviled Eggs (Success)

I finally made Anna’s Deviled Eggs for Becky’s bridal shower. They were a big hit, even though deviled eggs are kind of a pain.


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Chicken Milanese with Caprese Salad



Just a visual reminder that summer is the best. One of my favorite weeknight meals, chicken milanese, paired with garden-grown tomatoes (Big Boy and Cherokee Purple), burrata and CSA basil. Don’t forget the salt and pepper; balsamic vinegar optional.

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Raspberry Peach Jam

Jam take two (and canning take three!). Another Coconut & Lime recipe. Again, made just 2/3 of the amount, but otherwise stuck to the recipe. Recipe was a bit thinner than my first jam, but still solidified enough to work (I also wasn’t that judicious about getting all the pectin out  of the container, plus my mixture boiled over a little). Note: Be sure to smash up the peach well.


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Blueberry Balsamic Jam

Kitchen Goal #8 complete! This is a Coconut & Lime recipe. My only change was making 2/3 the quantity.

Only four more tasks to go: homemade pasta, candy, lobsters and cheese…


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Photo: Fancy Tomato Cucumber Salad


Local tomatoes, local cucumbers, home grown jalapeno, local basil, cider vinegar, olive oil.

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Sushi Photos

One of the highlights of my July 4 visit to Pittsburgh was making sushi with Mandy, John and Mike. We visited the strip district for some supplies, and got the rest (and the fish) from the cool Japanese grocery store in Shadyside.

It was a team effort, so I don’t really have any full recipes for you (I mostly was in charge of cutting the ingredients and rolling), but here are some photos documenting our feast. More after the jump.

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Bento Box: Attempt #1

Doesn’t this bento box look so cute? Sadly, looks can be deceiving, as I wasn’t happy with this dinner at all, and we ended up ordering pizza after the movie we attended. Truth be told, the fact I cooked this tipsily probably didn’t help. That said.

*My attempt to make homemade miso soup failed because I didn’t realize Alton’s recipe also had a homemade dashi component, so I prebought dashi, and said dashi was basically inedible. Plus the tofu didn’t drain as much as I had hoped.

*Tuna was bland.

*Edamame got a little overcooked.

*Put too much five spice powder in the sauteed mushrooms.

At least I didn’t screw up the white rice?

Anyway, I bought bento boxes for John and myself on a whim at H-Mart last time, so I will definitely be trying again. Figured I’d share the photo, if not the recipes.

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