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Kare Udon with Katsu

I’ve had this at restaurants before. It’s interesting to me that the general approach for this seems to involve leftover curry.

I improvised this recipe for the most part.


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Pressure Cooker Japanese Curry

Just One Cookbook really hasn’t steered us wrong yet. I really liked the idea of finding a pressure cooker recipe for Japanese curry. This used more curry blocks than I’m used to but it turned out nice and thick (we did have a few pieces of cube not break up as well as they should have). I added cauliflower to this but wouldn’t do it again – it broke up too much to really have a purpose here. We made this in the Instant Pot and then simmered it on the stove while I prepared rice.


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Summer Chicken Parmesan

Yum! A nice alternative to this classic that really is summery.

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Crispy Chicken Thighs

The internet’s pretty obsessed with this cracklin chicken recipe on Nom Nom Paleo. I was honestly intimidated at the idea of deboning a chicken thigh (despite constantly spatchcocking chicken) so never really made it until now. Turns out deboning is crazy easy so I’m not sure what my concern was. This is a good utility recipe to have (I slightly adapted it) as a dinner component. We served these with sesame wax beans and cayenne-spiked roasted potatoes – I had the leftovers the next day with more beans, leftover white rice and shrimp furikake seasoning.

I used the leftover chicken fat to sautee up some enoki mushrooms the next day and they were spectacular.


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Homemade pizza with pesto, chicken, and leeks

One of my favorite homemade pizza recipes to date. Omit the chicken, and this would still be a nice vegetarian pizza recipe.


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Easter Menu (Including Zuni Chicken)

I made a pretty epic feast for Easter. I am being lazy about writing out these recipes (especially Zuni chicken), so I’m just going to link to what we had for dinner.

Zuni chicken and bread salad

Roast potatoes

Pressure cooker risotto (using the milanese variation)

Asparagus with green goddess dressing


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This has been something I’ve been excited to make for the Japanese food challenge (it’s one of John’s favorite foods). We had a friend coming over who loves fried chicken and avoids gluten – so this recipe using potato starch is great for her. Beyond involving deep frying, this is a pretty easy recipe. From the “Tokyo Cult Recipes” cookbook.


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