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Matsutake Gohan

When in doubt, Just One Cookbook always seems to have the Japanese recipe I’m looking for. I picked up some matsutake mushrooms at the farmer’s market, and was googling around for typical ways to serve it. This rice dish seemed to be a classic preparation, and I trusted JOC would have a good version. John and I both really enjoyed this – you almost steam the mushrooms in the rice cooker, which is a neat preparation. We also used the leftovers to make John’s favorite chicken and rice dish (which might have been a trashy move but was delicious nonetheless).


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Pressure Cooker Sushi Rice

This turned out well this time! I didn’t have much luck when I tried to make this for chirashi, so was glad I got it much better (if still slightly starchy) on the second try. Lots and lots of rinsing is key.

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Cajun Orzo with Sausage and Chicken

Honestly, I haven’t improvised a Clean Out the Fridge recipe in awhile. STILL GOT IT. Whipped this up when we got home from the beach with what we had on hand.


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Easter Menu (Including Zuni Chicken)

I made a pretty epic feast for Easter. I am being lazy about writing out these recipes (especially Zuni chicken), so I’m just going to link to what we had for dinner.

Zuni chicken and bread salad

Roast potatoes

Pressure cooker risotto (using the milanese variation)

Asparagus with green goddess dressing


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Green Tea Rice

I made this (out of Women’s Health) but neither John nor I were particularly excited about it. Maybe it was the recipe? Who knows.


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Hainese Chicken Rice

This dish has been on my to-make list for YEARS and I finally bit the bullet (I don’t remember if this is the recipe version I originally wanted to make, but it worked great). A little overly ambitious for a Monday night, but very delicious — and it makes a ton. I was nervous about the skin being too gelatinous but the texture actually worked fine in this preparation.

Note: In lieu of buying kecap manis, I just reduced some tamari with brown sugar. I did not have the pandan leaves.


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Arroz Con Pollo

John made this recipe as is, so just linking over. But next time we make it, we’d just use boneless chicken thighs – the skin didn’t stay all that crisp and we preferred the dark meat to light.


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