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Langostino Salad Sandwich

I loved this dish that I made up on the spot. I bought a little pack of cooked langostino meat from Wegmans as my “treat” and decided to kind of riff on a lobster roll with it. Delicious and easy.


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Open-Face Meatball Subs (with Turkey Breast)

This recipe, in brief: Really liked the meatballs, wasn’t really into the subs.

Honestly, the subs are fine, they’re just kind of messy and not really worth the effort. But I was glad to find that A) these weren’t too dry, despite using turkey breast (which I’ve avoided throughout the project so far and b) lemon zest is a really nice meatball component.


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Dijon Croque Monsieur

These were fine, if not rock star. ┬áJohn was a big fan though, so I’m saving.


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Katsu Sando

I was kind of obsessed with getting these at train stations in Japan. It’s kind of a weird dish – a pork cutlet sandwich, served room temperature on white bread – but for some reason it works (and is actually fairly easy to make). We had these with some frozen gyoza.


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Taylor Ham Sliders

So easy! One of John’s favorite childhood foods (pork roll). This was our “red white and blue” breakfast on July 4.


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Swordfish Kabobs/Swordfish Sandwiches

Swordfish looked great at Wegman’s on Saturday so John and I decided to whip up some kabobs for a late night dinner. These turned out quite nicely, but I liked the leftovers even more when I turned them into a sandwich for lunch today.



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Corned Beef Sandwiches

I made Pioneer Woman’s corned beef and cabbage (pictured) a few days after Saint Patrick’s Day this year (we went out for non-Irish food on the actual holiday). We liked the corned beef but weren’t super excited about her take on cabbage. But what we really liked were the corned beef sandwiches I made next day.


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