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Appetizer Idea: White Bean Bruschetta

I made tuna and white beans for dinner last night. We were basically done eating when John remembered he had brought over some left over baguette. I took a slice, and idly began mashing up my white bean mixture to spread on the bread. Soooo good. Would be even better with grilled bread. So while I haven’t tried it, I’m throwing out the recipe of – make white beans linked above. Mash into paste with fork. Grill bread, spread with garlic butter and bean mixture. Serve!

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Lemon Refresher

I had a bunch of lemon pulp left over from juicing 21 lemons (don’t ask), and made a quick non-alcoholic drink from a scoop of it.

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Quick Spicy Chickpea Stew

Went home for lunch today and found myself whipping this up for a quick meal. Surprisingly tasty for the amount of time and effort invested. Bears some resemblance to this previous clean-out-the-fridge recipe.

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Green veggies deglazed with orange juice

This was the veggie side I served with the carne asada meal.

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Carne Asada with salsa verde

Ended up not going the enchilada route. Instead, I made my own take on carne asada and dipped both it and some french fries in the salsa verde. Served with a veggie side I’ll post tomorrow.


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Tomatillo Salsa Verde

The tomatillos from the not-so-recent Farmer’s Market trip were getting on the verge of turning, so I figured – tomatillo salsa time! I’ll incorporate this into some sort of dinner recipe tomorrow (thinking enchiladas, maybe?). This recipe has a kick! I used this basic recipe I found online as a guide.


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Recipe Variation: Pesto Chicken Parm

Yeah, we’re clearly trying to use up a lot of pesto lately.

John made chicken parm last night (though a less elaborate version than this) before ballroom dance class. Not sure why, but he decided to add a layer of pesto between the chicken and the breadcrumb mixture. The result? Delicious, but probably ultimately unnecessary.

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