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Pepper steak / beef broccoli

My recipes for pepper steak and beef broccoli are pretty damn similar; often I do a hybrid that combines the ingredients for both. For beef broccoli, eliminate the peppers, and add broccoli and water chestnuts.


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John’s hot sandwiches

That post title sounds dirty for some reason. Probably because I’m twelve.

These are two of John’s go-to entertaining recipes. I made them myself last night for Scrabble, and they went over really well, particularly the hot roast beef. And they’re so easy, it’s almost embarrassing to call them recipes.

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Guac is one of my favorite things to make. Partly because I get to use a mortar and pestle, hehe. Plus it’s so easy and so yum. And I used to be able to use my own tomatoes…

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Steak salad

I threw this together for lunch this morning, and was surprised with how satisfying it ended up being.

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Orzo and shrimp

This is a Barefoot Contessa recipe I made for George and myself one night. Very summery.

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Valentine’s Day Surf & Turf

I’m a lucky woman. John made me his take on surf & turf for belated Valentine’s Day dinner. His combo was crab cakes and braised short ribs, and he served it with mashed potatoes, garlic bread and what would have been string beans, but we ate so late that we ended up omitting those. The short ribs and crab cake recipes I will share with you!

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Easy baked chicken

This is pretty much how my mom used to make baked chicken. She did it with split bone-in chicken breasts, but you can also use boneless depending on what you have on hand. The picture below is actually boneless chicken thighs, served with tator tots and paprika-scented peas.


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