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Cheesy Broccoli Potatoes

I have to say, this was kind of a makeshift recipe. Was originally just going to serve the sandwiches with broccoli, but decided we needed something a bit more substantial. Since I had potatoes and broccoli on hand, the only thing missing for my idea was cheese sauce. A lack of milk in the house made this a little challenging, but the end result was surprisingly delicious.

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Tuna Rolls With Avocado

Return of fish night! We’ve been slacking a bit lately on our fish-once-a-week resolution, so it was good to return to form.

I saw this recipe on Barefoot Contessa and knew the tuna/avocado combo meant we needed to try it. So glad we did. I ended up halving the recipe and lightening it slightly. Pictured with cheesy broccoli potatoes.

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Cauliflower Pasta

I cooked with anchovies! And John didn’t hate it! And I didn’t gag! These are all exciting developments, courtesy of this recipe.

This had actually been intended as a meatless meal, but technically the inclusion of said anchovies means it isn’t. But c’mon, we’re pretty close here.

I adapted this recipe from Amateur Gourmet, whose food blog I enjoy. It came out even more WW-friendly than I expected, to the point where I somewhat question the math involved.

Sadly, I forgot my camera at work, and am choosing not to subject you to my crappy Blackberry photo.

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Recipe Variation: Clean-Out-The-Fridge Chow Mein

Was trying to get rid of some odds and ends in the fridge/freezer. Almost went with fried rice, but realized chow mein made a lot of sense, given what I had on hand. Since I figured out the WW points for it, I wanted to add this as a WW-friendly take on the recipe.

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WW Sausage and Lentil Stew

This crock pot recipe came in handy on a play night. I adjusted the recipe to make it even lower-points wise (mostly by cutting down on the meat). Continue reading

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Duck Broth Rice

This was the rice I made with the defatted duck broth from my duck recipe. Note: the recipe I used called for a lot of butter – I cut this to a bit of oil to make it more WW friendly.

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Leftover Duck Noodle Soup

This was a fun way to use up leftover roast duck, though the recipe needs some perfecting. A few notes:

This was the recipe I used for inspiration. Using some aspects of it, I thought the broth was a bit lacking. One key change I’d make that I couldn’t undo with other accents: not use so much water. I played with what I had, though, enough to still produce a yummy soup.

Edit: After the flavors melded awhile longer, the broth ended up being really good.

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