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Pork Chile Verde (Slow Cooker/Pressure Cooker)

I tinkered with this recipe a bit but the ultimate results were quite good. My beans were not cooked after the recommended 7-8 hours. To fix this, I cooked them under pressure for 20. Other options include boiling on stovetop, soaking ahead, cooking longer.

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Matsutake Gohan

When in doubt, Just One Cookbook always seems to have the Japanese recipe I’m looking for. I picked up some matsutake mushrooms at the farmer’s market, and was googling around for typical ways to serve it. This rice dish seemed to be a classic preparation, and I trusted JOC would have a good version. John and I both really enjoyed this – you almost steam the mushrooms in the rice cooker, which is a neat preparation. We also used the leftovers to make John’s favorite chicken and rice dish (which might have been a trashy move but was delicious nonetheless).


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Pressure Cooker Sushi Rice

This turned out well this time! I didn’t have much luck when I tried to make this for chirashi, so was glad I got it much better (if still slightly starchy) on the second try. Lots and lots of rinsing is key.

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Pressure Cooker Japanese Curry

Just One Cookbook really hasn’t steered us wrong yet. I really liked the idea of finding a pressure cooker recipe for Japanese curry. This used more curry blocks than I’m used to but it turned out nice and thick (we did have a few pieces of cube not break up as well as they should have). I added cauliflower to this but wouldn’t do it again – it broke up too much to really have a purpose here. We made this in the Instant Pot and then simmered it on the stove while I prepared rice.


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Chickpeas with Burrata and Pesto

I made Smitten Kitchen’s dried chickpeas recipe and liked the approach, but adapted for the pressure cooker. I also borrowed a page from her pairing suggestions, though I subbed ramp pesto for the salsa verde.


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Easter Menu (Including Zuni Chicken)

I made a pretty epic feast for Easter. I am being lazy about writing out these recipes (especially Zuni chicken), so I’m just going to link to what we had for dinner.

Zuni chicken and bread salad

Roast potatoes

Pressure cooker risotto (using the milanese variation)

Asparagus with green goddess dressing


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Cubed Steak, Cuban-Style

Cubed steak was one of my least favorite meals growing up (keep in mind it’s a cheap cut of meat, and my parents didn’t help by grilling it to a char and serving it with my childhood nemesis, ketchup). Regardless, I haven’t really seen it much in the grocery store around here. When I spotted it in the store recently, and saw a recipe blog that I generally like also had a recipe for it, I figured I’d give it a try. I thought this recipe was quite good – John liked the flavors but not really the cut of meat, which I get. Pictured with a parmesan wedge, recipe to follow.

Note: I’ve been traveling, and I’m a few weeks behind on recipe uploading, to the point where I’m having trouble remembering specifics for a couple of made-up recipes. We’ll see how it goes catching up.


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