Tomato Provolone Sandwiches

This is a nice, easy recipe to make while tomatoes are in season. I’ve made it before with deli provolone, but we had some fancier sharp provolone hanging around for some reason, and this worked just fine, too. I prefer the open faced version.

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Corn Butter Farro

Love me a Smitten farro recipe, and figured this would be a great one to make to close out corn season.

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Half-Smoke with Chili and Cheese

These are a D.C. classic – I make them about once a summer, but I’ve never noted them for the website before. Figured I would in honor of the regional challenge.

To get something closer to the Ben’s Chili Bowl version, there are a few recipes out there (a ground meat chili without beans, not dissimilar from Cincinnati-style, works well) — I just always use leftover chili when I make these, though.

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Amy’s Gumbo

This isn’t a precise recipe, but I used my friend Amy’s family gumbo technique to make my most recent gumbo (using leftover cooked turkey), and it was quite delicious.

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Ultimate Summer Salad Grain Bowl

I adapted this salad recipe to be a grain bowl (which the recipe suggests as an alternative). I also put in some roasted turkey to up the protein. The peaches were nice here; all in all, a pleasant and slightly unusual combo of flavors.

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Scallops with Corn and Tomato

This almost tasted like a restaurant dish – who knew Boursin would add so much?

I sliced my scallops in half because I only got about 8-9 out of a pound; if I had to do it over again, I’d probably just leave them big and have fewer per serving. I added a little smoked paprika when cooking the scallops.

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Japanese Potato Salad

We went to a fun dinner themed to the “Midnight Diner” TV show. They made a version of this in homage and it got me excited to tackle it myself. It was quite delicious.

I cooked the potatoes with the skin and peeled them after a couple of minutes of cooling, which is a technique recommended in the show (this recipe peels them ahead).

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Chicago Dogs

This was a bit of an adaptation: I couldn’t find poppyseed buns, my hot dogs were a little too long and skinny, and I subbed pepperoncini for sport peppers. We needed a more robust bun for all of these toppings but actually enjoyed all the flavors together quite a bit. John had two hot dogs and I had 1.5!

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Thai Eggplant Stir Fry with Chicken

A good stir fry recipe a little out of our normal flavor rotation that helped use up eggplant and Thai basil.

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Sicilian Pizza

This recipe turned out really well for a first time (though the leftovers were a smidge soggy). I only topped half with pepperoni since we had a vegetarian joining us.

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