Fish Francese

I improvised this versus using a formal recipe, but this was basically what I did. Turned out great!

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Crunchy Black Bean Tacos

These tacos were a hit, and a nice vegetarian option to have in the rotation. I ended up with a lot of beans leftover, which I’m going to serve as a side tonight.

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Seattle-Style Chicken Teriyaki

This regional version of teriyaki was a little too sweet for me, compared to the traditional Japanese, but John loved it (I still think it’s a good recipe).

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French Onion Soup Burgers

These were from my one of my ST cookbooks and I thought they were quite tasty (and pretty easy). I made the onions ahead of time to cut down on how long it’d take to get dinner on the table.

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Air Fryer Pork Chops

I haven’t made too many air fryer recipes (we mostly use it for frozen food and heating up leftovers, and it’s great for both) so I was glad this full recipe turned out so well.

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Paleo Mongolian Beef

This was a terrific stir fry recipe. The baking soda definitely helps with the char. I served with some lettuce leaves (dressed with some salt and lemon juice) instead of going the rice route.

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Paleo Shrimp Tacos and This Year’s Challenge

This year’s challenge is #tacos2021! I’m going to make 52 taco recipes. I’ll aim to hit up most of the classic taco types (barbacoa, etc.) and try to do as many interesting fillings as possible. I also want to make my own corn and flour tortillas! Kicked off the challenge with lettuce-wrapped shrimp tacos from Nom Nom Paleo, which we really liked (warning: recipe makes a ton of shrimp).

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Ina’s Vinaigrette

Just a basic vinaigrette recipe, but loved how balanced this was. I served this with kind of a fun salad: grilled halloumi, chickpeas, marcona almonds, butter lettuce, cucumbers, sliced radishes, scallions. From my new Ina cookbook.

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Grilled Crab Legs

This is barely a recipe, but I found the grill to be a good method for cooking crab legs. We had this as part of a celebratory New Year’s Eve dinner along with soba and takeout tempura.

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Pressure Cooker Yellow-Eyed Beans

I made these in lieu of black-eyed peas for New Years’ Day because we had them on hand, and they turned out great! Basically just my own recipe.

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