Sunday Gravy

SO GOOD. Just a great way to cook a bunch of meats all day and have it come together into a fabulous sauce. Serve over pasta.


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Asian Surf and Turf

This was kind of a random dinner combining steak with leftover shrimp in the freezer. Served with a riff on Ben’s cole slaw, which used kohlrabi, zoodles, carrots and snow peas instead of cole slaw mix.


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Strawberry Rhubarb Syrup/Shrub

A great component for cocktails. I’m going to explain what I did rather than write out the recipe because it’s sort of confusing.

1. To make rhubarb syrup, I followed this recipe.

2. To make strawberry syrup, I followed this recipe.

I combined the two syrups to make strawberry rhubarb syrup.

To make the shrub, I mixed 1 cup syrup (there was about a cup leftover) and 1 cup cider vinegar and allowed to mellow in the fridge for at least a week.

I’m using the shrub this weekend in Aperol spritzes.


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Peanut Zoodles

I finally have jumped on the zoodles bandwagon. Zucchini noodles are a favorite of the low carb crowd. I didn’t really want to buy one of those spiralizer gadgets, but once I realized I could just use my old julienne peeler for these, I figured it was worth a shot when we got two big zucchinis in the CSA.

And they were really good! John was particularly a fan. They don’t keep terribly well as leftovers, but my idea to wrap said leftovers in summer roll wrappers worked pretty well (masks the sogginess). I definitely see myself using them in other noodles preparations. This recipe was the inspiration for the sauce.

18933763269_8c0de08228_q (1)

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Easy Grilled Stone Bass

We may have a favorite new fish. The fishmonger was really excited about a new fish they got in. She called it stone bass; googling seems to indicate it is sometimes also known as wreckfish. We prepared it very simply at her direction, and couldn’t get enough. We served this with a mix of stewed CSA greens topped with capers, as well as some cucumber salad.


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Little Steak, Big Salad

This is one of my favorite meals of late, and there really wasn’t a whole lot to it. John and I split a smallish steak (served with a little chimichurri sauce), but the bulk of the meal was a big and basic salad.


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Guacamole To Go

Guacamole is always a huge crowd pleaser at parties. But it doesn’t travel well because of avocado’s propensity to turn brown. You can cover it carefully/add a bunch of acid, etc. to try to prevent this. My solution – make it ahead, but add the avocados at the last minute while you’re at the party so that it’s super fresh. As long as the hostess doesn’t mind lending you a fork, a knife and some counter space, you’re golden. I bring my own bowl (and even my own salt because I prefer to use kosher).

I have been preferring guacamole without tomato lately, but you could always add some if that’s your thing.


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