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Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Wednesday was the annual tradition of carving pumpkins at Audrey’s and it was much fun. I’ll probably throw up a photo of one of the pumpkins to go with this later on, but in the meantime, I’ve got some interesting pumpkin seed recipes for ya.

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Fall Cocktail (recipe in progress)

Accidental deliciousness in a cocktail I made last night. John was almost out of bourbon so I couldn’t really make a sherpa. He had about one shot left. I combined with a shot of vodka…and my martini glass was still rather empty. What to add?

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Purple Pesto Pasta

I was seriously surprised at how well this turned out. I was just trying to throw something quick together for dinner while I worked on two other cooking projects.

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Purple Pesto

It’s herb harvesting time, and I decided to make some purple and classic pesto (and I’m going to give some to Mom and John’s mom this weekend). I used walnuts with the purple basil to stand up to the herb’s assertiveness.

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Recipe Variation: Pollo Pimenton

We went to Penzey’s because I was out of pimenton today; I was also low on Hungarian paprika. This had us thinking of paprikash, and me wondering how much pimenton would change the dish. The result is noticable – more smokey, darker. But it still tastes enough like classic paprikash to satisfy a craving. I lightened John’s basic recipe by using reduced fat sour cream. I balanced the pimenton (which I used liberally – during the onion step, on the chicken breasts, and in the sauce) with a little bit of Hungarian paprika at each stage. Yum. Especially when accompanied by The Sherpa, Porvaznik-style.

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The Sherpa, Porvaznik-style

John was playing around with classic cocktails the other night and came across the Sherpa – which involves bourbon, vodka and ginger ale (well, ginger-infused vodka, to be precise, but you work with what you have). It was pretty good, but it was even better when he used ginger beer tonight – and added a little grenadine. It’s a drink with a bite, but I like it! Continue reading

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Crock Pot Apple Sauce

Note: Do NOT blend applesauce with immersion blender, like some of us who want to play with our new toy. It will result in a strangely baby food-style consistency. Just mash a little with a fork, and you’re golden.

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